Getting Started - Pick a Quasar Flavour

If you’d like to learn more about what Quasar can do for you, read the Introduction to Quasar. Otherwise, let’s get started by choosing how you’d like to use Quasar.

There are three ways of using Quasar. Pick the one that suits you best:

Here’s a quick comparison:

FeatureUMDQuasar CLIVue CLI 3 Plugin
Ability to embed into an existing projectYes-Yes, if it is Vue CLI app
Progressive integration of QuasarYes--
Ability to serve Quasar from CDNYes--
Build SPA, PWAYesYesYes
Build SSR (+ optional PWA client takeover)-YesYes*
Build Mobile Apps, Electron AppsYesYesYes*
Dynamic RTL support for Quasar componentsYesYesYes
Generating your own website/app RTL equivalent CSS rules automatically by Quasar-YesYes
Ensure everything “simply works” out of the box, using latest and greatest Quasar specs.-Yes-
Tight integration between build modes, taking full advantage of all Quasar’s capabilities.-Yes-
Develop mobile apps with HMR directly on your phone.-YesYes*
One codebase to rule SPA, PWA, SSR, Mobile Apps, Electron Apps-YesYes*
Tree Shaking-YesYes
SFC (Single File Component - for Vue)-YesYes
Advanced configuration through dynamic quasar.conf.js-Yes-
Unit & end to end testing-YesYes

* Cross-platform support with Vue CLI 3 is handled by community plugins. These are not tightly integrated with Quasar as with Quasar CLI and may have issues.